Madrid Wants Raheem Sterling?

Manchester City now has become one of the elite clubs in the Premier League. Besides the big fund came from the investor that changed this club’s strength on the field, there are also two important figures in their transformation into a top contender of the Premiership title. They are Pep Guardiola, one of the best and brilliant football coaches in the world, that change how this club play. And, the other one is Raheem Sterling, English forward that is known with his amazing dribble and penetration to the opponent defense line.

Raheem Sterling Are Going to Move to Real Madrid?

Several days ago, Sterling was interviewed by the Spanish outlet AS. In this interview, he was asked about the thought of joining Real Madrid, due to the City’s case of Financial Fair Play (FFP) and transfer problem. If this case goes to the verdict with City on the guilty side, this club will have to spend two years without having the right to participate in any European level competition. So, Champion League and European League title will be just a dream for them.

Due to this case, there is a chance that Sterling will seek a new challenge, or in this case, the new way to get the higher level title, by moving to another club and Real Madrid is one of the higher possibilities. Sterling answered that he admits that he always wants a challenge, indicate his open arm toward Madrid’s offer. However, he added, that he still happy playing for City and wants to finish his contract in his current club.

Manchester City bought him from Liverpool by paying £49m in July 2016. Since then, he has become one of the most important players in the City forward line. When Pep comes to Etihad, he becomes an important piece of Pep’s formation, which relies heavily on the short pass and penetration. Sterling has all the skill that is needed to perfect Pep’s style. And, it is shown on almost every match; he is included in the starting lineup.

Pep Guardiola and Sterling’s Transfer Rumor

After finding out about Sterling’s possible to move to Real Madrid, Guardiola said that he believes in his player’s commitment, including Sterling. However, he also added that he never forces players to stay in the club. He let his players speak their minds to create a strong bond between players, manager, coach, and staff, which will be displayed on the match. 

Guardiola also admits that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two biggest existences in the modern football industry. When these two show some interest to a player of other clubs, he even uses the word “tremble” to describe the reaction of other clubs after Madrid or Barcelona asks them about their player. Every football player wants to play with start in both clubs. So, it’s reasonable, if the offer and even the rumor about the offer to Sterling have a big chance to tempt him to move out.

Now, Guardiola only tries to focus on the rest of the match in Manchester City schedule, whether it is Premier League or Champions League. And, he believes that Sterling will do the same, to bring the best result from this club. So, we can expect that Sterling will stay until the end of the season. After that, when the summer transfer period starts, we never know what will happen then. With Sterling open the possibility to seek a new challenge, there is a chance that we will hear a big transfer from this club.

Sterling will stay in Manchester City until 2023 according to his contract. The fans expected that City will offer him an extension for his contract. However, there is no news about it, and this is that it makes fans worried about the Madrid transfer rumor. We just need to wait until the summer to find out what will happen. 

The Manchester City Case

As we mentioned above, Manchester City now is facing one of the biggest obstacles in this club’s history. This club is suspected to conduct serious breaches of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulation, as well as the UEFA’s club licensing rule. Because of this case, Manchester City was banned from European competition for 2 years and fined 30 million Euros.

However, Guardiola said that this case is not finished. The club still tries to appeal to change the outcome of the case. And, hopefully, in the end, the club will get the best result. 

Currently, Manchester City place in the second position under Liverpool in the Premier League table. With the 22 points different from the leader of the league, it will be a difficult task to catch up with Liverpool at the end of the season. It is indeed, they need everything to do that, including Sterling.